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FIS Forum Insulin Schweiz dissolved

At its general meeting of 30 April 2011, FIS approved its dissolution. Members showed less and less interest in the activities, and the influence on the existance of natural insulin got very small....mehr

30 years of synthetic insulin - are people with diabetes getting the best deal?

The report of patients’ concerns by the Insulin Dependent Diabetes Trust can be downloaded here....mehr

Why natural insulin is so important to us

Some of the FIS members tell about their experience with different kinds of insulin....mehr

German Study about fast-acting Insulin Analogues

Fast-acting Insulin Analogues with Diabetes mellitus Type 1: Preliminary Report No proof of advantages over human insulin...mehr

Novo Nordisk withdraws animal insulins worldwide

Novo Nordisk has ceased the production of animal insulin (December 2005). Semilente, the most important and widely used animal insulin of Novo Nordisk, will only be available until April 2007. CP Pharma Switzerland is the only provider of animal insulin in Switzerland....mehr